1. The THJ technology is based on an air transported spray jet
2. The THJ-Box can easily be mounted on any chassis worldwide by container locking (TWIST-LOCK)
3. The THJ is equipped with a civilian turbofan engine
4. The operation of the THJ is simple and requires no specialist skills or competences
5. The THJ requires low maintenance – just once a year
6. The engine of the THJ is powered by diesel, with a consumption of 500 kg/h

DICOSY GmbH is your competent partner for fire-fighting and disaster control. Our core business focuses on the development and expansion of Turbo Hydro Jet Technology (THJ®) and individual systems for fighting, preventing and controlling major events and disasters.

Our state-of-the-art systems are specially designed to meet the requirements of our customers and their operations.

Today, our team has over 100 years of experience in the field of special vehicle construction and Turbo Hydro Jet Technology (THJ®). We offer an "all-round, carefree package" with contents such as development, design, production, engine, control and service competence.

We support people, environment and infrastructure.

Safe, efficient and eco friendly

The new Turbo Hydro Jet of Dicosy

Universally applicable – efficient, safe and eco-friendly

The Turbo Hydro Jet Box is a multifunctional mobile aerosol generator with the option of one or two aeroderivative aircraft turbines, producing a rain cloud with finest drops (about 400 μm) and an average precipitation rate of 4 to 6 liter/(m² x min).

Universally applicable

The THJ-Box is compatible with all tactical and logistical systems (truck, ship, helicopter, trailer, container, roll-off container, railway).


The THJ-Box can be easily installed on any trucks, trailers, vehicle platforms worldwide using lashing straps or TWIST-LOCK.

The THJ-Box can be transported quickly and safely over long distances by means of helicopter.

The THJ-Box can easily be installed on any railroad wagon worldwide by means of tension belts or TWIST-LOCK.

The THJ-Box can be easily installed on any ship's deck worldwide using lashing straps or TWIST-LOCK.

The THJ-Box can easily be mounted on a tracked vehicle frame using TWIST-LOCK for effective and efficient forest fire fighting.


We provide cutting-edge technology to combat, control and prevent disasters. Our latest innovation is the globally exceptional Turbo Hydro Jet. Our turbine jet builds a sustainable pattern of heavy shower spray with a range of 120 meters. This unique feature is utilized in a variety of applications, and our unique technology is available in multiple customizable systems. We build long-lasting relationships and provide the best solutions by keeping our promises and creating value. We are very proud to work with a number of well-known companies, who are all benefitting from the successful implementation of the Turbo Hydro Jet.

Turbo Hydro Jet

Interview with Thorsten Edling operations manager Röhm GmbH

Thorsten Edling sees the fast makeready times, the low manpower requirements and the low water consumption as the main benefits of our THJ system.


Large-scale exercise of the fire departments of the city and Evonik

of Lukas Kissel

"150 firefighters took part in the exercise on the Evonik production site including the new Turbo Hydro Jet."

"The water sprays with a range of 150 meters, about three times as far as a normal industrial fire truck." Thorsten Edling, Head of Fire Brigade.

New THJ-Box for the fire department Evonik

"As part of the further development, the fire department Evonik in Worms (Rhineland-Palatinate) received the first developed THJ-Box in January 2019. Here, the box was integrated into a roll-off container, which, as an »AB-Lösch«, also provides the completely required extinguishing technology including fire-extinguishing centrifugal pump, foaming agent mixing device and foam tank." (Jochen Thorns, Journal Brandschutz issued on February 2019)

Upgrade für die Werkfeuerwehr Evonik

von Marco Wietzorek, Leiter Brand- und Werkschutz, Evonik Operations GmbH, Standort Rheinfelden

"Sicherheit hat bei Evonik die höchste Priorität. In dem Kontext ist es besonders wichtig, dass wir Einsatzfahrzeuge und -geräte haben, die auf dem neuesten Stand sind. So haben wir kürzlich unseren Turbolöscher «TL 7», der seit 2011 im Einsatz ist, mit neuen Triebwerken der Firma DICOSY einem Upgrade unterzogen. Die technische Umsetzung des Upgrades nach unseren Vorgaben hat hervorragend geklappt."