Services Services and expertise are fundamental for safe and effective use as well as the continuous improvement of our systems.

We provide excellent service 24/7. Our experts are very pleased to support you through education, maintenance and tactical operation, based upon your request. We are proud and happy to share our knowledge, acquired from global experts, tests, and real-life scenarios over the years.


Consulting and engineering

  • Comprehensive advice and support for all application areas
  • Integration of the THJ system into new and existing fire protection concepts
  • Planning, development and project planning in commercial vehicle construction of customer-specific products and solutions
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  • Financing concepts for THJ system / Leasing of THJ system
  • Rental of THJ system

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Training for the emergency services

  • Technical and tactical training for all users
  • Use of the THJ system

24-Hour Service

  • Ensuring the operational readiness of all systems and subsystems worldwide and at any time
  • Maintenance contracts in the area of engines and landing gear
Triebwerk Service

Maintenance and repair

After-sales service around the clock in Europe and worldwide with the support of Smart Glasses

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Augmented Reality

Guidance of repair and maintenance activities through video and audio communication (Smart Glasses) with our experts


Upgrade and retrofit

  • Retrofit of existing firefighting systems with the Turbo Hydro Jet System
  • Modernisation of existing turbo extinguishers (drive unit / control unit replacement)