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The THJ-Box is particularly suitable for point defence/object defence in wildfires

Use of THJ technology for point defence/object defence in wildfires and bushfires with the help of the water curtain (shielding or sprinkling)

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The THJ technology for areas with suspected munitions

Dr. Ulrich Cimolino explains in his article "Operations on Ammunition Suspended Areas" in current BRANDSchutz magazin the possibilities of the THJ technology.

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DICOSY acquires all rights of the "turbo-extinguisher"

In September 2019, DICOSY GmbH acquired all intangible assets of the "Turbo Extinguisher" from Zikun Fahrzeugbau GmbH.

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Mobility on chains, remote controlled and safe

Difficult terrain, narrow passages and highly endangered areas/areas contaminated with ammunition are easily accessible with the remote-controlled THJ chain variant.

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Training and instruction in the Turbo Hydro Jet Box technology in Marl

A successful hand over of the Turbo Hydro Jet also includes training and instruction.

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Handover of the Turbo Hydro Jet at Evonik in Marl

In mid-May, the next Turbo Hydro Jet was able to start its service with Evonik in Marl. Of course, every acquisition and acceptance also include the testing of the functions. In the most beautiful sunshine, the Turbo Hydro Jet Box including the roll-off container with fire pump, foam pump, and diesel tank were tested under the watchful eyes of the new owners.

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DICOSY in the journal for fire professionals "Brandschutz"

With the delivery of the Turbo Hydro Jet to Evonik in Worms, DICOSY GmbH has made it to the front page of the journal "Brandschutz"

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Large-scale exercise of the fire departments of the city and Evonik

150 firefighters took part in the exercise on the Evonik production site including the new Turbo Hydro Jet.

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Moving to our new office

On March 2018 we moved into our new office in Gutenbergstraße 2 in 77955 Ettenheim.

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