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Our History

  • Foundation of DICOSY AG in Switzerland

  • Signing of a cooperation agreement with the company ZIKUN Fahrzeug GmbH in Germany, at that time manufacturer of the "turbo extinguisher" with the aim to further develop, manufacture and position this technology worldwide

  • Development and production of the first Turbo Hydro Jet Box, abbreviation "THJ®"

  • Presentation of the world novelty (THJ® Box) at the "INTERSCHUTZ 2015", the world's leading trade fair for fire brigade, rescue, civil protection and security.


  • The first THJ® box is sold to the company Infraserv in Gendorf.
  • ZIKUN Fahrzeugbau GmbH files for bankruptcy.
  • Foundation of the subsidiary DICOSY GmbH in Germany.

  • Relocation of the office to Ettenheim in the Black Forest
  • Change of several THJ® experts and specialists to DICOSY GmbH
  • Move into the new business and factory premises
  • Further development and relaunch of the THJ® Box
  • Evonik buys four THJ® boxes on roll-off containers

  • Successful acceptance and delivery of two THJ® boxes on roll-off containers with a fire-extinguishing centrifugal pump, foam and diesel tank to Evonik in Worms and Marl.

  • Acquisition of all intangible assets and copyrights, in particular the know-how of the "turbo hydro jet" technology of ZIKUN Fahrzeugbau GmbH.


Successful DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification of DICOSY AG and DICOSY GmbH.

Upgrade of the turbo extinguisher "TL 7" of the plant fire brigade, Evonik Operation GmbH in Rheinfelden, which has been in use since 2011. This was equipped with two new engines and a new control system.


Delivery of the first THJ4000 box incl. roll-off container to the company Lonza AG, Visp. in Switzerland.

The technology group, ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd (STELS), Singapore and DICOSY sign a cooperation agreement with exclusive distribution rights for various countries in Europe for the EXTREMV tracked vehicle.

The German Army orders several fire fighting crawlers (EXTREMV) and various roll-off containers from DICOSY for the firing range in Meppen.

Delivery of various customised roll-off containers, such as: Mission control, environment, logistic, hazmat, water hoses containers for the works fire brigade, e.g. BOSCH, BAYERNOIL and for the professional and voluntary fire brigades in various districts in Baden-Württemberg.


Expansion of the roll-off container range (AB emergency power) for various municipalities in Baden Württemberg


DICOSY expands product portfolio with innovative, compact and powerful electric vehicles with towing unit for the underground facilities of the German Federal Fire Brigade.


Individually coordinated, innovative system solutions of the highest quality for every requirement and application for fire protection, rescue and disaster control - for more efficiency, effectiveness and safety.


Through innovative system solutions for the fire brigade and disaster control, we want to contribute to more efficiency, effectiveness and safety of people, environment, infrastructure and inspire them with our individual solutions in the long term. We focus on the implementation of your customer requirements. Flexibility, speed, professionalism and willingness to perform are at the heart of everything we do. With a team of highly qualified and excellently trained employees, we strive to fulfil our customers' expectations.


Competence - Quality - Professionalism! These guiding principles not only play an essential role in the manufacture and distribution of our products, but also characterise the relationships with our business partners and the entire environment in which we operate. To achieve this quality, we must observe the principles of legality, integrity and transparency.


Compliance with all relevant rules, legal regulations and framework conditions of the countries in which we operate is a matter of course for us.

  • No improper benefits
  • Competitive behaviour
  • Compliance with the relevant foreign trade regulations
  • Production and equipment of our products in accordance with applicable national regulations for the safety of the environment as well as the safety and health of our employees


We act according to the principles of personal and factual integrity. We pay particular attention to confidentiality and the avoidance of conflicts of interest.


With us, business cases are documented in such a way that all activities are transparently traceable.

Report rule violations

Compliance with laws and internal regulations is a top priority for DICOSY.

In order to identify misconduct at an early stage, we ask you to report any specific indications of legal violations or breaches of rules with a high risk in connection with DICOSY GmbH immediately: info@dicosy.de

Code of Conduct

Everyone has some room for manoeuvre in how he/she acts in daily work and thus the behaviour of each individual is crucial! A conducive behaviour favours the sustainable development of DICOSY, the relationship with business partners and the trust / reputation towards customers and the public. The following principles apply throughout the company: >

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to sustainable quality, environmental and social responsibility, also with regard to energy use and energy saving. The management exemplifies this quality, environmental and social responsibility. After all, entrepreneurial success is inextricably linked to social responsibility.

CSR is lived out at DICOSY:

  • We promote electric mobility among our employees for private use.
  • Company vehicles with hybrid/electric drive
  • Wherever possible, we choose regional suppliers to reduce noise and pollutant emissions.
  • Every year we donate to charitable institutions
  • We promote the education and training of our employees

CSR is subject to clear guidelines:

The tasks and responsibilities resulting from the various requirements, framework conditions, standards and laws are brought together in an integrated management system and are subject to constant observation, regulation and adjustment.

The management defines goals and initiates appropriate measures for the continuous improvement of processes and key figures, such as the quality level, adherence to schedules, waste generation, energy consumption, etc. targets are defined and appropriate measures are introduced.

Company profile

Our core business focuses on building and expanding system solutions for every fire brigade and disaster control, worldwide. We deliver customised systems to combat, prevent and control major incidents and disasters.

Over the past years, we have been able to prove ourselves in the fire service industry. Therefore, we now have a great deal of experience in this specialised field. As a competent partner, we develop, produce and deliver our worldwide unique Turbo Hydro Jet Technology (THJ), roll-off containers for every application, all terrain tracked carrier vehicle (EXTREMV) for fire, rescue and disaster control and systems with electric drive, for a sustainable environment.

From consulting, planning, development and project planning to training, we cover the needs of our demanding customers.

A competent, highly motivated service team ensures the smooth functioning and longevity of our products and is always available around the clock for our customers.

Promoting innovation is our greatest passion. Our credo is to serve our customers quickly, competently and sustainably. As a team, we create technically unique systems designed to support, save or keep people out of harm's way, protect and preserve the environment and infrastructure.

Our employees are competent, highly committed and feel responsible for the company. We convince our customers by bringing complex solutions to the point.


We listen to our customers, their needs and wishes and take them seriously.

With an all-inclusive carefree package, we put this into practice and convince with:

  • Individual special solutions according to requirements
  • Individual products and small series
  • Synergy effects (armies, authorities, plant fire brigades)
  • Quality and longevity
  • Innovative and technically sophisticated systems
  • Own engineering team
  • Own manufacturing team
  • Own service team
  • High vertical range of manufacture, from superstructure construction, electrics, software to final assembly
  • Market leadership and more than 100 years of experience in Turbo Hydro Jet Technology
  • Short decision-making paths and fast response times