Electric fire brigade vehicle on ALKÈ chassis Electric fire fighting vehicle with transport and towing unit for underground use and wherever sustainable mobility plays a central role in everyday fire fighting.

The ALKÈ electric vehicle combines silence without pollution with high working capacity. The electric fire fighting vehicle in the form of fire fighting motor vehicle, transport and towing unit, is composed of cabin, vehicle chassis of the model, ATX340 a box body and towing unit.

ATX340 EH Feuerwehraufbau1
ATX340 EH Feuerwehraufbau5
ATX340 EH Feuerwehraufbau4

Field-proven, powerful, long range, manoeuvrable, versatile

Depending on the model, the compact vehicle chassis with cabin and chassis can transport 2 to 4 persons with personal protective clothing and breathing apparatus. In close cooperation with our client and with tailor-made concepts, we ensure a tactical, ergonomic and easy-to-remove fire-fighting load.

With a maximum permissible weight of 2,500 kg when loaded and a fully loaded trailer of 650 kg, it copes with a gradient of 14%, reaches a speed of up to 35 km/h, even 40 km/h when busted and impresses with a range of an impressive 55 km even at low outside temperatures of 10°C.
When using lithium batteries, due to the massive weight saving, a doubling of the technical characteristics can be achieved.

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