THJ80 The mobile Turbo Hydro Jet – THJ80

With our THJ80 system we are expanding our product portfolio with a new, innovative product. The "little" brother of the Turbo Hydro Jet box offers new solutions for fire protection and disaster control.

This individually adjustable module helps fire brigades, authorities and disaster control worldwide to master their daily requirements from a safe distance. The module can be mounted on any existing fire fighting vehicle, on turntable ladders or on remote controlled tracked undercarriages and can be used immediately.

By adding different additives, e.g. a 3-dimensional and area-wide disinfection (e.g. in stadiums, train stations, leisure parks, etc.) can be carried out within a short time. Interiors can be dried again after a short, defined exposure time by the warm air stream.

Desinfekter mit klammer
Turbo Hydro Jet in action
  • Clever spray jet technology – safe, efficient & eco-friendly

    With a water input of 80 to 150 l/min, the THJ80 generates a spray jet cloud with an average droplet size of approx. 400 μm, which rains in a controlled manner over a distance of approx. 10 to 50 m and a height of 30 m. The engine, water monitors, water flow, water pressure and geometry are coordinated in such a way that the spray jet produces an average precipitation rate of approx. 4 - 6 l/(m² × min).

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