Turbo Hydro Jet Box The Turbo Hydro Jet Box combines jet engine technology and spray jet technology to make it the world's most powerful spray gun.

The system is equipped with two civilian turbofan engines and four commercially available spray jet monitors.

It is designed as a compact closed unit (L x W x H = approx. 3,400 x 2,550 x 2,100 mm all in one) in container construction as a box. All energy systems are integrated into the box and operate as an autonomous unit. The jet engine carriage operates at a height of 4 to 5 m above the roof construction.

This compact box can be easily integrated into existing hazard prevention concepts and logistics systems.

The technology has been successfully applied in the chemical and petrochemical industries, predominantly for cooling and securing plants, elutriating water-soluble gases, fire-fighting, and compressed aeration.

AB THJ8000 Pumpe Schaum 03
Roll-off container with THJ8000 Box
Thj8000 pages

    The THJ-Box disperses 1,200 to 8,000 l/min of water to a fine aerosol cloud with a medium droplet size of approx. 400 µm, which provides a controlled water release at a range of approx. 10 to 180 m and at a height of 120 m. Jet engines, water monitors, water flow, water pressure, and geometrical arrangement are coordinated in such a way that the spray jet generator produces an average minimum precipitate rate of 6 to 8 l/(m² x min).

    The system has been tried and tested for 20 years and can be easily integrated into existing hazard prevention concepts and logistics systems.

    Compared to the conventional extinguishing systems, the Turbo Hydro Jet process requires up to 2/3 less extinguishing water with the same effect and thus, produces 2/3 less wastewater with maximum effectiveness and range.

Strahl zeichnung 180 meter

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