THJ80 & THJ4000 live demo in Luckenwalde

On 24 March 2021, a demonstration of our THJ4000 and THJ80 system took place in Luckenwalde, attended by participants from the Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior, various district fire chiefs and industry representatives.

Several scenarios was demonstrated, like fighting forest fires with our THJ80 as well fighting tree-top fires, setting up bolt position or protecting objects with our THJ4000.
The response of the participants was very positive. The effect of the systems as well as the simple handling and operation of the systems met great enthusiasm. The integration of the systems into the various hazard prevention concepts will be planned in further discussions.

A big thank you goes to the plant fire brigade of Röhm GmbH in Worms - Thorsten Edling, Stefan Matthes and Uwe Fellhauer - for their great support.

Mr. Jens Heinze, district fire chief, commented on our systems: "This demonstration largely dispelled my concerns. For certain situations - including forest fires - this technology is definitely a possible solution.

Preview video thj80