Wildfire protection Fields of application of the Turbo Hydro Jet technology for wildfire and bushfire protection

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Wildfire and bushfire protection

Use of THJ technology for point defence/object defence in wildfires and bushfires with the help of the water curtain (shielding or sprinkling)

  • Point defence of special objects or sections (stretch of road), bridges, power lines, transformer stations, water pump stations, etc.)
  • Creation and defence of safety zones as well as the last 100 meters leading up to them
  • Front defence/object defence against building walls of fire also for cooling the entrained hot fire gases and preventing flying sparks using (several) hydrojets (suitable for use at amusement parks, vineyards, warehouses, industrial sites and family homes, for example

The THJ-Box disperses 600 to 4,000 l/min of water to a fine aerosol cloud with a medium droplet size of approx. 400 µm, which provides a controlled water release at a range of approx. 10 to 120 m and at a height of 80 m. Jet engine, water monitors, water flow, water pressure, and geometrical arrangement are coordinated in such a way that the spray jet generator produces an average minimum precipitate rate of 4 to 6 l/(m² x min).

The system has been tried and tested for 20 years and can be easily integrated into existing hazard prevention concepts and logistics systems.

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Mobile sprinkling with a Turbo Hydro Jet

Shielding with a water curtain

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Turbo Hydro Jet on a chain chassis

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