We recently successfully completed an innovative project for our client EVONIK in which we were to upgrade an existing turbo spray jet.

"Safety has the highest priority at Evonik. Thats why it is particularly important that we have emergency vehicles and equipment that are up to date. So we recently upgraded our "TL 7" turbo hydro jet, which has been in service since 2011, with new DICOSY engines. The technical implementation of the upgrade according to our specifications worked perfectly.“
Marco Wietzorek, Manager fire and plant security, EVONIK Operations GmbH, Rheinfelden

Dicosy Post Evonik en

The highlights of the upgrade at Evonik:
✅ the range of the "TL 7" has been increased by 30%
✅ the engines can be operated with diesel (instead of kerosene) and need 50% less fuel
✅ the engine volume could be reduced by 30%
✅ the new engines were mounted on the existing truck chassis